Why do people travel?

Nowadays, when we live in a net of such every day notions as unlimited work days, mortgages, loans and made out bills, the days fly away and the world is dull as ditch water.

An office, traffic jams, a gym, night’s sleep are routine of human life. Under the circumstances a man of today forgets values that the man really needs, that the man really appreciates.

“One becomes accustomed so quickly. A man wants to earn money in order to be happy, and his whole effort and the best of a life are devoted to the earning of that money. Happiness is forgotten; the means are taken for the end.”



We are missing novelty of our life. We are missing our life time. We are missing our life time dramatically!

It is doubtfully, that in the mornings there is a person who jumps out from his bed having a bright dream of being for 8 hours in the narrow and hot office. Not at all!  Day by day we talk about how to get us out the routine, we talk about how to destroy walls of the routine and we talk about how to bring to the test some novelty of the world we are living in.

That is why we should travel! New impressions of a long trip bring not only a new way of looking at the world but also new point of view for the whole your life. Trips make evolution, they give new life targets, useful experience, lots of positive emotions and finally they give the happiness of life you will share with others.

Here you can find and use a convenient tool, by applying it you could create your personal Home Library of Travels. The Home Library of Travels makes you be more positive, more confident for your future and it makes you become a little bit happier.

According to your personal preferences we are ready to plan the trip you are interested in (it is a way to start your own Home Library of Travels) as well as you plan the trip yourself. At the same time the tool, we are introducing to you, allows save not only your money but also your time!



The team of Hand made travel