Lifehacks & References


  • Start to search airplane’s tickets as soon as the date of a travel is fixed. More competitive ticket price is put out 3 to 6 months before the dispatch day usually. A ticket price on Wednesday is more competitive than the ticket price at the weekend.
  • Buy the there and back ticket at once – it is always cheaper.
  • Use the aggregator websites such as:
  • These websites are not for the sale, but it is possible to make a ticket search among partner’s air companies, and as a result of the search it will be a version of a rout by air, and the rout is flight combinations of different air companies.



  • Make a ticket search using more than one aggregator website. Each of the websites has its own base of data for air companies and for their tickets. That is why it is possible the situation when one website can offer a ticket and the other one can’t offer the same.
  • Book the ticket choosing the option “a complex rout” (Multiple destinations). Very often the more competitive ticket price is resulted from the fly which presumes transportation by different air companies, and the air companies make up one alliance.
  • Check ticket prices at the nearest ticket sale agencies first. It may look very strange, but sometimes the agency’s ticket price is cheaper than the prices offered by air companies directly. The reason is special terms that the agency got from an air company, or it might be agency’s sale day.
  • Make ticket search “more flexible”. Flexible dispatch date (plus/minus one or two days from the fixed one) makes ticket search more successful in terms of ticket prices. Night flies, long time change flies are as a rule cheaper considerably.
  • Be more careful during a fly that has a change. A fly with a change is more interesting than a direct fly. It is possible to look at several countries simultaneously. At the same time there are some troubles that should be taken into consideration. They are different arrival and dispatch terminals, necessity to get luggage during the change, the change continuance, transit visa necessity etc.



  • Remember that the low-cost air companies sale just the fly. Other services of the companies, such as eating, luggage, seat place choosing etc., should be paid additionally. This fact has to be taken into account, not reliability of airplanes.


  • The most popular websites for searching and booking hotels are: – it is the most famous website for booking round the world. – it is the website for booking round the world. The greatest website for hotel booking in Asia. - it is the website for really low-cost booking. Some sales and interesting offers are occurred on pages of the website. - it is the Germany website for hotel booking. It is possible to find out the best offers for booking in Europe. –it is the Russian system for booking. Last time the system is developed very quickly. The system offers ones of the most competitive prices on hotel accommodation.



  • Do not forget to look through such aggregator websites as and The pointed websites can compare different offers from different systems and by this way the websites help to choose the best offer. The basement for searching is differed for the websites so be diligent and please look through both.
  • To book flats, rooms or apartments use the website it is cheaper to live there than in a hotel.
  • The websites such as or allow to find out and to book a sort of the most economical accommodation that is hostels and youth hotels.


Some life cases

  • To find out no visas countries, visas countries on arrival and strict visas countries please use Wikipedia.
  • Please check in advance the epidemic situation in the country you are going to visit. Some information there is here.
  • Make some copies of your passport before your journey and take the copies with you. During your journey try use the copies but the passport leave in a save place.
  • Scan your passport and after that send the e-copy of the passport to your e-mail or to e-mail of your friends.
  • During the journey you can make pictures of your luggage. In case of luggage delay you will just show the pictures to officials.
  • Usually it is considered that the date of expiry for the passport should be no earlier than 6 months at the moment of journey. There are exceptions. It is possible to cross the border even if the date of expiry is earlier than 3 or even 1 month. If it is interesting please click here.