These days there are many ways how to organize your travel rout. But every way has certain shortcomings.

We will take care of searching and consolidating information concerning the travel rout you want to pass and we will make up the rout ready to use (and perhaps it will be the first book of your Home Library of Travels) as well as you do it yourself.

Description of the rout will be worked out as a group of blocks, such as:

  • The country description and its main curiosities;
  • The detailed trip scenario on a day to day basis;
  • The transfer’s schedule;
  • The list of life hacks concerning to the rout;
  • The alternative rout/s (optional).



All the references, as a part of the rout description, will allow you to check validity of information you have got.

By this way you will be to possess the unique, in the literal sense of the word, the Home Library of Travels soon. The Home Library of Travels, that might be re-read by you in spirit, is a source of bright recollections of your life, and it is a source of secrets you can share with a friend to tell him how it is possible to repeat the routs you have passed with pleasure.

Please, look at the routs we have passed. These ones might be yours. And the rout descriptions like these are might be the first books of your own Home Library of Travels! 🙂



Peru(the route is being formed)


Chile(the route is being formed)