How to organize your travel rout?

  1. It is possible to look through offers of reliable travel companies and choose a rout that suits you in the terms of time, programs or money as much as possible.
  2. It will be possible to order the individual tour at the companies mentioned above, if you do not sort out a common one.
  3. It is possible to plan the tour by yourself.



The first issue presumes a rigid binding to a common program of the tour and a rigid binding to a fortuitous group of people that will follow you up all the tour. All those reasons, mentioned above, erase even a hint on freedom of movement and improvisation.

The second issue is nice, but the price will be higher in comparison with the previous one.

The third issue takes into consideration your preferences as much as possible. There are not restrictions on movements. You have not extra payments for services and management of the companies that organize your tour. But the issue requires your personal time (a lot of time!) to do such actions as:

  • to do selection of the most interesting curiosities you will to look at during the trip;
  • to work elaborate rout out;
  • to get the information concerning security of the trip;
  • to find out a map of the rout and a transport schedule for the chosen map line of the trip;
  • to define optimum for staying places along the trip way;
  • to make researches in order to book (in advance) concert (festival, museum) tickets, you are interested in, because tickets might be sold out by the time of your arrival to an event;
  • to make preciser the location of places where it is possible to taste domestic cuisine;
  • to find out the addresses of the nearest network shops, food markets etc., that is the places where it is possible to buy some food for cooking at sensible prices, of course, if you like cooking on your own hook;
  • To study local life hacks (for example, the lunch time at 50% discount; the free days of museums, art galleries etc.).

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